Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some pictures for those who love boonin'

I know the last thing most of you want to see is more pictures of cars, but there are some friends of ours who are Sportsmen. Their sport is BOONIN'. To the unitiated I would like to explain that the ancient sport of boonin' consists of taking a Jeep, truck, buggy, sand-doodle, 4-wheeler, 6-wheeler, or tracked vehicle and going off-road until it hurts.
Mechanical damage is par for the course, physical discomfort is sought after.
They like it, they live for it, they want better, bigger, noisier, and usually they don't want to pay anything for it.

Driving around today I came upon these vehicles. They seem to be built from scratch with purchased components and long travel independent suspension and snorkles, rollbars, fancy straps to hold the lucky riders in, and various stickers to make them look official.

So this MAY look like an advertisement, but it is a picture show for Graham, Wes, Andrew, Stu, Kathy and all the other kids out there.

Boonin equipment


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