Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Checking in...

chemo sabe said...
Ok, now that post was on Wednesday...where ARE you guys!!!
Not stuck in Spooksville, I hope. I hope you kept a tight hold on Beffrie. That thar is Stepford wives country!! Did you check out the "work" link on that website! If that gal on the far right wasn't an android, than I'm going thru the Stargate tonite!!!
September 24, 2007 9:40 AM

chemo sabe said...
OK. It's Tuesday. If we don't hear from you tomorrow, we'll send out a search party!!!!
September 25, 2007 8:06 AM

Dear Chemo Sabe,
We are back. We slept late and I am eating my Cheerios. I will write. We are safe and we are not trapped in Stepford village. Sue was in the Wilmington area when Chris called and told her about the Mayfaire post and she drove right on over there. She didn't seem to be quite as amazed as I was because she is being surrounded by hundreds of stores here in Apex as we speak (I can see bulldozers through the window in front of me as they 'relocate' a pond closer to this house's property line to make more room for development).

I had another first this weekend. I was chatting with Steve about cities, suburbs, and communities and Steve started telling me about this new trend of building a whole town of shopping, and I responded with "I saw one of those!" and I talked excitedly about Mayfaire and Steve talked about the pros and cons of such a project.
Well I wasn't aware that I had already posted info about Mayfaire and Steve didn't remember that it was right here that he had found out about Mayfaire type developments. We were both talking about a subject from the same source without either of us being aware that I was the source. A double blind journalism test. Now this kind of double blind test would not be possible if I could remember what I had already written about, but that is the joy of writing things at midnight. Anyhow, my Cheerios are gone and Beth and Chris have made plans for us to see the Chapel Hill area today. I've got to get ready.


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