Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Medical News from the source that you trust.

OK, I've got to run off for a day of errands but I will leave you with one quick item for you to practice over the weekend.
There are many things that we do that may not have been thoroughly explained to us. We do these things every day, but we may do them badly. "It's simple, just do it", but we have difficulties until someone "happens" to explain it to you as an offshoot of a conversation about tuberculosis at a late night cocktail party or something.

If this cocktail party was too late night, we are burdened with that odd problem of saying "yeah, there was a trick to doing this that somebody told me about, but I can't remember what it was...". Give it up, you won't remember it, until someone tells you another solution for the same problem and you perk up and exclaim "I HEARD that, no wait, that wasn't it, was it?".

Well here is a simple solution to a common problem and you can come back tomorrow and read it again and then maybe you will remember it.

Reeny is a veterinarian and has to give horses medication. Horses don't enjoy getting medication any more than you did when you were six years old. Their throats are not as proportionally sized in comparison to a six year old kid as you would think, especially since they weigh 20 to 30 times more while their tummies and poopers ARE at least 50 times bigger.
Because of the large body, long neck, and relatively small throat they really "kick up a fuss" when you try to get them to eat an aspirin that is 240 grains per pill. That means it is a large white brick with "rounded corners for comfort", which is very similar to those calcium or glucosamine tablets that you are supposed to choke down every day.
You know those wooden plungers that butchers use to stuff "parts" into the meat grinder when they are making "low-fat ground stuff"? I always thought that it would be a good marketing idea to include a plastic version of one of those (with a breathing hole down the middle) with every jumbo bottle of oversized "good for you" type pills, to make short work of loading your mouth with the morning pills, lean your head back, aim, and pack.

"Maybe there is a better way" you say? Well there is. Here it is. Right here. Pay attention.

What you need: A glass of water. A pill, and that's all.

Place the jumbo pill UNDER your tongue.
HOLD the pill down with your tongue.
Take a large gulp of water.

Try this with small pills first. Or some M&Ms.
It's wonderful. Don't try to do anything with the pill but hold it down.
Try it again.
If you do this enough times with M&M's you could get really fat without the perils of developing an addiction to chocolate.
Try it this weekend and let me know how it works for you.
You would think that with pages and pages of documentation included with every packet of pills that they could devote a paragraph explaining how to get your body on the outside of the pill.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

a ping... (returned in 1,814,401,736ms)

Alright, I know, it HAS been a while. I am sorry. I realize that I have lost most of my daily customers because nobody likes to go to a inactive blog.

I have started to receive the "Where ARE you?" emails. I have now received MORE emails than the number of votes that I get on any post. I wish I could change my "rating" stars to only ONE so that maybe people will click to let me know that they are there without worrying that they are insulting me.

Two of the recent comments let me know that some folks from the very beginning of The Adventure were still watching. Chris S. from Indiana has the exact same name as a long time friend of ours who lives in NH and just happens to be female. So when Susanna wrote a comment with the tag (Chris S's wife) I realized who was actually there.
Hello Chris & Susanna from Indiana, it's great to know that you checked in.
I really want to come visit again... but then again, I would like to do the whole trip again.

There were SO many people that took us in and made us feel welcome. If we were just on our own looking at "the sights" the trip would have been just a sight-seeing trip. Instead we experienced The Adventure which truly was the best of America and was so much fun!
The friendship and trust that was shown to the two traveling hobos was amazing.
It is wonderful to be reminded that the entire country has not become so paranoid and untrusting that they are afraid to show hospitality to strangers. You hear and read the news about stupid people being mean to other people and trying to take advantage of others, which ruins it for everyone else, but we found that in most of this country you can still help and be helped by others with no fears of theft, violence, or severe halitosis (although I did suffer from a bout of it myself, sorry Rookie).
We were told by several folks in Montana that it would not be considered strange to walk up to any house if you were hungry and you would be fed, just like it was just about anywhere until about 45 years ago. I suspect that this would not be wise thing to do in some areas.

The Adventure was great, I cannot imagine that we could top it, although I would LOVE to try.

I WILL be writing again soon. I have been very busy re-wiring the house that we are staying in. It is an old house that had a few "issues" that had caused half of the lights to stop working.
I spent quite a while just trying to map the existing system. It was originally wired by someone that wasn't very concerned about little details like positive/negative.
It turned out to be an effort comparable to mapping the human genome but includes a LOT more stairs. The attic is a VERY long way from the cellar and even farther the other direction.

Tonight all of the lights are working.
I am going to rest and take care of some other commitments tomorrow and maybe by then I will think of something to write about.
So check back and maybe I will have something soon.
[story suggestions would be appreciated]

The ONLY subjects that I have been dwelling on are politics, media, and the war of the arborists.
I will see what bubbles up.

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