Saturday, September 8, 2007

Heading East... Continued...

As you may know, we were scurrying towards the East side of the United States.
This morning we got up bright and early to watch the sunrise.

We have a few stories and a few pictures from this morning to share with you.

Tonight the pictures.
Tomorrow during the rain, some stories.


See some sample pictures here: Sunrise.

2007-09-08_wm Sunrise

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More Backfilling...

Blake has sent a message from Kuwait.

I have updated the RollCall post with more of your comments.
Also there were two comments added to the anniversary post.
Two comments to the Yellow Corvair post, and one for the Yurt.

If you are brand new here, you should skip the posts from this week because we have been taking a week off and have just been reminiscing. Poke around in some of the older posts, they actually are part of the Adventure.
Thanks, Warren

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

3 hours in Asheville


First of all Beth and Warren let me tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you both last night at one of Asheville's fine pseudo Mexican restaurants. I must admit, if I ever had real Mexican food I wonder if it would taste like chicken. Doesn't everything?

My life today was to be filled with such fun tasks as paying people money that they are owed for services such as ummm gas, phone, insurance etc. Then I saw your business card may I say 'card of distraction' sitting on the ledge next to Trish's keys.

I got up to stretch and just looked at the clock. I have been playing around your website for over 3 hours. I thank you. It was well spent!!!!

Someday, I will share with you my year of trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. In that time, I asked people I knew where they wanted to visit me when I moved and I checked those places out. Along the way I went to the 'Price is Right' just to see hottie Bob Barker and was a raft guide on the New River. (Didn't say I was a good raft guide…we swam a lot… almost lost a prosthetic leg). In the end it was Lake Tahoe, Albuquerque and Asheville. I have been here about 5 years. I tell people I moved here because of the three, it is the closest to my folks in Ohio and that is true. However, there is just something about this place that was a soft place to land.

So, I will be following your sight, laughing at the photo's and learning about your life on the road. Thanks for sharing it all. I have loved these 3 hours. By the way, I don't believe you when you said you were sitting in the grass in Brooklyn, NY. Is there grass there? And… the guy with his Subaru… I am telling you it probably worked for him helping pick up chicks!

If you are still around here…. Brevard, NC is home to the white squirrel. Not an albino squirrel but a true white squirrel. I have never seen one anywhere else.

Finally, don't know if Trish told you this. She bumped eating dinner with her sister last night because she wanted to get together with you two again. After meeting you, now I know why.

So, I will be reading now that i am up to speed. Trish and I will be talking about you more and more as we read your blog. You always have a place to stay here. We have an extra tent... just a joke. Trish can sleep in it.

All the best…..
Pam F

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Greetings to family and friends

Sorry for the late contact, to those who I have neglected to inform: I have been redeployed to Iraq for a 15th month tour.

I have landed safely on the sun (Kuwait). It was 1030PM when we landed with a 109 temp. Yes 109 at night. Today it was up to 120. Why they call this the Holy Land is beyond me because the only creatures that are able to inhabit this area must come from hell. The good news is that it will be cooler once I get to Iraq, where the high will only be 105...yay.

Other than the temps, we are starting our initial training. I will be heading into northern Iraq on or about the 7th of September as the first member of 2-22 IN battalion on the ground. So far it looks like I will be taking command of a rifle company around the 6th monthly mark. Other good news is that the living conditions here are three times better than in Afghanistan. The A/Cs actually work here and get the rooms to 90.
The showers work as well - this time however, the problem is getting cold water instead of scalding hot water.

I do not have a mail address as of yet however I will tell everybody that one of the first things to send me are room fresheners, I can't stand the smell here.

Also, for those who do not know, I am engaged to the lovely Jolan Boockvor. Please feel free to contact her as I will be sending her messages frequently.

I will contact you all soon
Love to all

E. Blake Witherell
"Rangers Lead the Way"

Note: I created an email forwarding address to forward to Jolan.
Just send it to

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It's called cross marketing.

When you are running a business you should be sure to leverage EVERY opportunity to cross-market your inventory. There is gold in what used to be considered "background data".

A fine example of Doctors using available resources to increase profit without bothering our already overburdened insurance companies.

From Signs

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