Friday, March 9, 2007

Put it in 1st, and let the clutch out slowleeeeeee...

We checked out a few Real Estate agents to see what our options are.
Long story short, we found an agent that is a real hustler.
Her name is Sharon and she arrived for her second visit with a complete marketing plan, this tomorrow, that the next day, open houses next week, ice cream socials, an indoor yard sale ("estate sale"), and other ideas that bowled over the Procrastinators Supremo. My wife and I looked at each other, I pushed Beth's jaw closed, and we decided to bite the bullet and let it happen.

Sharon came back the next day and took pictures, we signed the contracts and let her loose. We went out for chinese food with our pals Kathy & Stu and told them about our plan. Then we drank champagne. They don't want us to go but they have heard about that sanity stuff that we all hear so much about, so they gave us their blessing to try to chase it down.

Our house officially went on the market at about noon today. I couldn't find it online locally, but I DID find it at a site for a real estate agent about 40 miles from here.
By 4:00 this afternoon Sharon (our agent) called to see if we would be willing to show the house to someone with an agent in Hillsborough on Saturday, which just happens to be tomorrow. We were planning to spend the weekend frantically redoing the entire downstairs bathroom so that it looks pretty for the "Virtual Tour" camera on Tuesday, spackle, paint, and other quick stuff. The house is a mess, my stuff is all over the place, the place is trashed, Beth and I have sucumbed to some type of stomach bug, and there is a major problem at the auto club that I am a president of....

I said sure, no problem. Bring 'em over.

One house to go... ("pick-it-up-fifteen-twenty-minutes"),

This link doesn't work right now, but maybe tomorrow when the local MLS server gets updated. Obviously they don't use one big server for everybody or we ALL would have gotten the listing at the same time. This link is not to OUR Realtor's site, but to one of Century 21's local competitors that has a MUCH better site designer (with faster database updates too).

This procrastination stuff isn't that hard to beat as long as someone else is doing all the work for you.

I feel really crappy right now, so I will fill in the details later.
I know that nobody is reading this yet (because nobody knows about it except me), but I have to get in the habit of posting often and oftener.


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Monday, March 5, 2007

The Adventure

The Idea...

We had decided that we were going to sell our house (because of reasons we will explain later), and we were thinking of moving to Asheville NC.
Unfortunately Asheville is in the middle of a population boom, so the housing prices are stupid right now. We think that we should wait a bit to see how well they handle their growing pains.

So where to go?

We had no idea...
and then we had an idea...

We would have an Adventure! We are going to put our house in Antrim NH on the market in April. It will sell almost immediately (you have to think positive), we will climb into our car and start driving.

Cool plan, huh?

Being homeless isn't that difficult if you have money. Not that we have a lot of money, but we do have some that was planned for Derek's college expenses, and so we are going to travel around to see where we want to live.
This Adventure could take weeks, months, years, decades, or any combination thereof. We are very excited. We haven't been excited about anything for quite some time. It's a wonderful opportunity for Beth and I to find our spark for life again. We will enjoy some time off while our health is good, and we figure there is really nothing to lose.

It will be fun. This blog is so that our friends can keep track of us, and we will try to enter posts whenever we can. We will include pictures so that you can see a slightly blurry version of what we are seeing.
There are also some people out there that just read other people's blogs for fun and profit. Well if you are one of those people that have never met us, you could help by recommending restaurants, cities, travel hints, places to stay, and anything else you can think of. Your help will REALLY be appreciated. Sometimes my entries will be rants, but for the most part I will be polite and I will attempt to be concise... which is a real battle because my fingers just seem to jump around at high speed without any real control or throttling and next thing you know there are a preponderance of words... a lot of words.... sorry.

I will now set up my DNS jumps so that and will jump directly to this blog. It would be WAY too difficult to remember which way to spell it, so both will work.

Thanks for reading this,
Warren (and Beth by proxy)

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