Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lookie who WE found!

Well we happened to arrive in the Wilmington NC area four or five days early for our rendezvous with the wedding party. Beth knew that Derek's 2nd grade teacher had recently moved back to her native land. A quick phonecall to Kathy to find Jean's email address, I sent off a dispatch. By luck, Jean's alert husband, Tim, decided to check his emails for the first time in a very long time and noticed that there was a one that was only 3 hours old from some folks named Beth & Warren. A quick holler down the hall to see if Jean knew of anyone with that name, and next thing you know we were having dinner at a lime-green restaurant on the beach. After eating we got in their jeep and went on a nice long drive to the South end of Carolina Beach to see where a storm filled in the ocean between the mainland and Bald Head Island, which technically is now Bald Head Penninsula, which must really irk the islanders, ooops, I mean penninsulans.
Tim drives onto this beach EVERY morning with his jeep loaded with a surfboard, a fly fishing rod, surf casting rod, spinning reel, and maybe a few other toys, and then he reviews what mood the ocean is and plays accordingly.

He is having a LOT of fun. Oh, and by the way, Jean is as happy as a clam at high tide.
Her southern accent has popped into full "native mode": Southern, but still at a New Englander's speed. Quite a combo.

After the beach we went to see the place that they have been calling home for the last month. Very nice. Good neighborhood. They are going to like it there.
Jean misses her kids because she is supposed to be going to school at this time of year, so she is going through a bit of adjustment, but Tim doesn't seem to be having quite as much difficulty. He tried distracting her by buying her the coolest monospeed fat-tire bicycle with a honkhonk horn. It's helping.


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