Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wandering with Warren, October issue.

This is a column I write for "The Marmon News".

This is the Hershey issue. This is the issue when Ron has a hard time concentrating on anything BUT Hershey. I don't really understand what the big deal about Hershey is.
This will be my FIRST Hershey visit. That's right, I am admitting it, I have never been to the Hershey car show / swap meet / social concourse.
I never could go because I was working for a living, but now that I have trashed that whole "being responsible" concept, I find that my schedule allows me to spend a week with many thousands of other car freaks. Marmoneers Bill L. and Chuck A. have invited me to hang out with them, so I will have a place to sleep.
There is of course, one other very important reason that I can go this year.
If I was on a major food diet and I wanted to go cold turkey, I could control the needless intake of excess food, liposuction out the past indiscretions, and staple my stomach to restrict future binges.
I have done the equivalent with my car stuff. I have sold everything except the Marmon and the MINI, my thirty years of "can't live without" stuff is gone, and since we are currently hobos, we have no place to store anything.
I am officially safe to wander in that giant Hershey cookie-jar of car stuff. I will not be tempted because I have no place to store anything. I have no NEED for anything. I am just there as an observer to enjoy walking around in the rain with thousands of other people that, like me, bleed motor oil when cut. I can't get in trouble. My wallet is safe. I could carry large wads of cash with me if I wanted to. No problem. I would walk RIGHT by that "deal of a lifetime".

Now on the other hand, I do know that some of my Marmon buddies have real nice garages and barns. With a few hours of work some floor space could be freed up in [almost] any of them. I bet that some of my Marmon buddies would love to have temporary possession of that "deal of a lifetime" without having to explain why THEY were the weak ones, "it's someone else's stuff, I'm just storing it for him for a while".
It's called a synergistic relationship.
If it isn't stored at my place it isn't an addiction, right? I have to get up off of this beautiful sunny beach, put on my foul weather gear, visit a few teller machines between here and Hershey, and... this is going to be great! Hey! they might sell those large two or three-axle trailers that I've always wanted, right there at Hershey, right? Who needs a garage? Oooh, I'll need an antique truck to pull the trailer with, and it needs to be big enough for my Marmon. Maybe two trailers, that's legal in some states, right?
(I think I am beginning to look forward to this.)



Anonymous said...
watch who you talk about. your not that cool

September 12, 2007 12:12 AM


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