Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two quick restaurant reviews from Asheville.

I have to tell you about TWO fine restaurants in Asheville.
One of them was a request for photos by Brittney. It seems that she is a big fan of this style of cooking and she saw a show on television about this particular place.
Since we knew how to find it, we took some pictures for her.


I already had plans to eat somewhere else, and we were leaving town right after eating, soooo, I just zoomed in, took some pictures for Brittney, and zoomed out.
I didn't eat. This is a restaurant review without eating the food. Sort of a McReview if you wish. Since she only wanted photos anyhow, it worked out OK.

Now I already had my camera warmed up, so I took pictures of the restaurant that I was very excited about going to. The meal was great!

Now after creating a "photo review" of Brittney's place I decided that my restaurant shouldn't get an actual written review because that would be playing favorites. Even though MY restaurant WAS my favorite. We have to appear impartial though.

So first take a look at the restaurant that Brittney likes.

And then take a look at the restaurant the Warren likes.

Be sure to turn captions ON if you do it as a slideshow.

2007-09-04 The Elegant Mr. M

Brittney's Place

2007-09-04_wm_Asheville Eaties

Warren's place.


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