Friday, May 25, 2007

WE HAVE IGNITION ( let's take a nap )

OK, the Adventure has begun. Yesterday was the big push, we had a self-imposed deadline, we knew were going to parked through Memorial Day weekend and Jenny (in Brooklyn) has a tendency to hold on to visitors for a while, so we brought some of our work with us (photos and such).

Wednesday afternoon Leslie battled with Fed-X to retrieve Dad's new cell phone without a signature, we arranged an exchange on route 9 and set everything up and gave him a crash course so that he can talk to Beffrie whenever he wants to.

Then we got the call that Beth's dear Aunt Jean had passed away. Rest in peace Jean.
We lost our steam and called it a night.

Thursday I had to convert the pile of stuff destined for storage to a pile of stuff destined for the dump. I was pretty successful, I left behind a large pile for the dump and only a small tidy stack of stored items. I was able to clean up the rest of the garage, Dad danced a jig, I put down plastic on the floor and installed the battery tender on the MINI and put it to bed. I put plastic on the floor under the Marmon. Beth packed - and packed. She had me try things on, she would look at my bum, and then she would throw the pants away, obviously she uses the same criteria that I have always used to evaluate women's fashion wear.

At 3:30 it was waaaay past time for a shower, and then we jumped in the [van] for our trip.
Dad held up pretty well. We drove to Wallace St to drop off a CD at the Kings, hugged Makenzie (who looked wonderful), dropped off some electrical stuff at our old house, and then went to the cemetary.

From Leaving Antrim... for a while...

This picture may seem glum to the unitiated, but it is the reason for this trip, the reason for the deadline to be out of Antrim, the reason for our craziness, and of course, the reason for our lives.

Derek loved traveling and besides our goal of rebuilding our sanity, our brain function, and our life, we know that Derek would be thrilled with the whole concept of this trip. Although we are aware that he would be wishing us well, waving goodbye, and calling his friends (after all, he would be 20 right now).




Anyhow, back to the blog. Are you still with me? By the way, a technical tip to you non-computer weenie types: the small link under the picture will take you to a group of pictures related to the one that is shown. I didn't want to clutter up everything with lots of redundant pictures that show the same redundant things over and over, redundantly, again.

We went up the street to the T-Bird where Kathy, Stu, and their grandson Jackson were waiting for us with with some ice coffee.

(disclaimer: now remember, I am experimenting with this stuff. There is supposed to be a slideshow right below this paragraph, and right below that is a picture of Beth and Jackson. Clicking on that picture takes you to a web album that -surprise- has the exact same pictures. Remember, this is an experiment. We are learning this together.)

Our first day of driving

Alright that's it. I am VERY hungry and I have to eat now.
Ta-ta for now.


Anonymous said...

Beth and Warren,
I just found your blog -NEEEEET !!!
We will really miss you this summa up noth. Give my love to Jenny Girl. E-mail or call with you cell #s and which e-mail your using. Sandy, Erin and J.J. send their love. I hope you guys have a great time. Bon Voyage and HAVE FUN - you deserve it !!!

Anonymous said...

"Although we are aware that he would be wishing us well, waving goodbye, and calling his friends"..

Well you've certainly got our number.


braankraayon said...

I just talked to you via gmail chat. The miracles of modern technology at our fingertips.Bwahh-ha-hah!

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