Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Cedar Key News, Halloween edition.

As we travel around I always pick up the little free local newspaper because I like to know more about the local community and because... well, it's free.

Last night I was reading the Cedar Key News. There is a short cover page story about rebuilding the “big dock”. There is the “Sheriff's Corner” with helpful tips about how to back up your car.

The largest article was “From the Desk of – Bubba Castell, Cedar Key Chief of Police”.
It seems that there has been a problem of people in cars not using turn signals and people in
gulf carts not using hand signals. There were three vehicles stopped for speeding through the school zone who were arrested for DUI and suspended licenses. There was a DUI arrest of a 23 year old driving around with five people packed on a gulf cart at 1:30am.

There were also a couple of interesting items that I don't think I have seen before. One was the description of a traffic stop: “Officer Mike detected a strong odor of the impurities of an alcoholic beverage coming from Mr. Clark's breath. Mr. Clark admitted to having had “a couple” of beer.” [sic]

impurities of an alcoholic beverage” is a phrase that I am going to have to start using simply because it sounds so cool as it flows off the tongue.

The final item from Officer Bubba is the reason for this post. This little item made me laugh out loud and continue giggling until I fell asleep:
st FALLS ON WEDNESDAY, per City Resolution Number 209. The 31st will be the normal date unless it falls on Sunday or Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you think that the person that wrote that city resolution liked to watch TV on Sunday evenings and had a kid with piano lessons on Wednesdays?

I think that someone should mount a campaign to change the banned days to Monday and Thursday. That would make MUCH more sense.
Small towns... You just can't make this stuff up.


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