Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rachel wants an accent.

Kinder's Great Eats, Mitchell, Eastern South Dakota.

This is an All American eatery. The laminated menu has little flags under the plastic to emphasize any food item that is particularly patriotic. After 10pm there is a Quarter-Pound Burger with Fries for the price of a gallon of gas as shown on the big red letters at the station across the highway, they have discontinued the same offer for a two egg breakfast because the price of gas went over $2.99 and it wasn't a good deal anymore.

There are only three tables occupied, our waitress is a tall young girl with a natural gentle soft beauty that makes it impossible to guess her age, somewhere between 18 and 38. She takes Beth's order. As soon as Beth stops speaking our waitress asks "Where are you guys from?". Beth answers "New Hampshire". The waitress pouts and says "I want an accent!", I am not sure, but I think she stamped her foot. I spoke for the first time, "You DO have an accent!". She was still pouting, "but it's just PLAIN, I want a GOOD one!".

Our waitress then explained that there is a couple over at the other table right over there that are from Massachusetts and they have a strong accent, "but NOT like YOURS, of course" she said to Beth (this is not the first time that it has been suggested that Beth may have a strong accent).

Our waitress has not traveled much, but would like to go somewhere to pick up a "good" accent to use. We chatted about the best places and possible techniques to acquire an accent.

We wished her luck, and I ordered my food. It was actually surprisingly good food.

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Chris S said...
Warren and Beth, It is such a great joy to read your stories daily. Thanks!
If you are looking for more small towns to visit, Susanna's brother lives about 2 hours South of Mitchell in Pickstown, SD. The town is full of people who also might want an accent.
Also, the town was built by the Army Corp of Engineers in the 40's to house the people who built a huge dam across the Missouri river. The dam is a neat sight.
Also the church was built to accommodate 3 religions with a rotating alter. Very unique.
Let me know if you want directions or details.
Chris S (#2)
Aug 27, 2007 10:17 PM
I gotta find out more about that church! (ww)


Betsy Alice said...
Just a note to let you know that I read your about your travels as often as I can in the land of the strong accent. Dial-up is darn slow! Too bad you didn't get the name of the waitress. Rob has a tape called "How to Speak New Hampsha". It's very good!
Miss you both, love, Betsy
August 28, 2007 9:40 AM
Guud Ideah! I used to work for the company that made that tape, I'm going to try to find one and ship it to her. I think they still sell it at the stationary store in Petersburgh. (ww)


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