Friday, June 15, 2007

From: Janis
Date: Jun 14, 2007 9:23 AM
Subject: Boulder Travels

Dear, dear friends!
I am an extremely poor and inconsistent communicator but a large peice of my heart travels with you EVERY day. Truly. Not an hour before you called yesterday evening we were speculating as to where you were that day, and now we can REALLY picture you on your way!
Boulder ideas:
Chataqua: a beautiful park, with a music hall (rehersals open to the public and free), restaurant, quaint old sumer cottages reminiscent of Martha's Vineyard. Silent Film Festival going on now, we think. Address: 900 Baseline (at the very end of 9th Street) in the foothills.
Great walks all over into the foothills of the Rockies.
Dushabe Teahouse: an authentic tea house transported from Tajikistan. Beautiful. Serves tea, meals. 1770 Arapahoe between Arapahoe and 13th St.
Outdoor Cinema: in a parking lot! (behind Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art) 1750 13th Street. NOT classy but fun (bring own lawn chairs) riday night is "Little Miss Sunshine" and Saturday is "Sandlot".
MCGUCKIN'S HARDWARE !!! My favorite hardware store ever! 2525 Arapahoe
Creek Walk: all along the creek that runs through Boulder
Hotel Boulderado: Cool old hotel with lots of hisotry. & Restaurant.
Farmer's Market (near the Teahouse) on Saturday 8-2 & Wed. PM. Beautiful bounty.
Pearl Street Walking Mall: commercial but also fun as lots of independent stores, galleries too. Between 9th and 15th Streets (Boulder Book Store is very good + has used). I think around Pearl Street and 8th are two of the good bookstores, one with a small cafe and you can browse for hours, and used books. Then a good mystery bookstore up a few doors, I think.
Nederland: Small hill town out of the 1860's and 1960's! Nice drive up the canyon road (we think Rt. 119) and a good rock shop (Nature's Own).
Trailridge Tundra field: near the Continental Divide. A populated walk but it is incredibly cool to actually walk through a field of tundra. Not a long walk but can be very cool even on warm day so take coats!
Peak to Peak drive, from Nederalnd, on Rt. 72 also a treat. Goes into the back entrance of Estes Park
We go with you in our spirits and in our dreams......Take GREAT care of yourselves and our hearts.
Love, J & J


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