Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Castle Rock, Colorado.

Very Impressive.

We were on the highway and then when there was an option to do it, we turned left onto a secondary road. Beauuuutiful country. The herds of cattle of Kansas were replaced by herds of horses, well not actually replaced, we suspect that the cattle were still back where we saw them last (at one point a large group was huddled under a sign for "BEEF BUFFET -- ALL YOU CAN EAT", but our camera wasn't fast enough to catch it), but we saw herds of horses scattered around while we were here in Colorado. Maureen T. would have been trying to stuff them into her trailer for "adoption".

Beth wrote notes:

pheasant: a ringneck pheasant ran across the road

yucca plants: I don't know what they are, but I remember my mother and Beth's dad liked them. I like the name.

purple flowers: We stopped so Beth could take a close up photos (Aster?)

The flatlands of Kansas gave way to the incredible rolling hills of Colorado. We are now at an elevation of 6600 feet but we got here gradually, up - down - up -down, but I guess all in all there was more up than down.

We could smell the ionization in the air that meant we were going to be coming into some lightning soon, sure enough the rain started to gush. We decided to settle down for the night in Castle Rock. When we came into town we found out why it is called that. It was dark and stormy with lightning all around and this large lump comes looming out of the murkiness that looked just like Dr. Strange's castle that is seen at the beginning of Aqua Teen Hunger Force shows. Pretty neat. Later in the evening it actually looked like a respectable geological formation, but the castle image was unforgettable.


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