Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dee why ess eff you en see tea eye oh en aye ell

OK, so we're still a little fragile... OK? we know that....
Saturday Night. It's the weekend, time for some free phone calls.
Beth called D&L to see how they were doing.
"fine" doug said
"how are the animals?" beth said
"Sophie has been missing since Thursday" doug said
"Well it's OK, that's the risk we take, just keep looking for her." beth said - and ended the call pretty quickly.

Beth and I talked about how she "probably found a home already", how she didn't have claws to defend herself, how she had never been out of the house before, how she was the best kitty ever, how we did everything wrong, how she was probably still in the house, how she may be in the house but got squashed by something, how she probably didn't suffer, what bad parents we were, how horrible D&L must be feeling right now.

(we cried ourselves to sleep)

Doug called at 4:45 this morning to tell us that he heard Sophie in the cellar that morning, went down and got her, fed her, gave her lots of pats, and that she was now sleeping in Foxy's bed.

We are soooooo happy.
I have a headache, my sinuses are clogged up and I have the most unbelievable bags under my eyes. We are going to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame today and I look like Iggy Pop.

But it was a cleansing experience, yep, that's it. I feel like crap today because I am cleansed.
Sophie the kitty is fine.


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