Saturday, June 9, 2007


We are in Indiana. In the middle of the cornfields there is this little oasis called Shafer Lake. We are visiting Tom, Becky, Chris, and JoAnn. We are taking a little time to build some stuff for the van and doing boat rides, looking at old cars, rootin around in the garage and having a lot of fun.
This is a long thin lake created by a teeny hydro dam from many years ago.
There is an amusement park called Indiana Beach on other end of this lake. It's just like Coney Island except that it is better maintained, has more rides, is cleaner, has nice safe places to walk, the food is better, but a little oddly, there is no beach.

Boat Ride to Indiana Beach

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OK, the absolutely COOLEST thing at the park is these big ugly fish that come up to eat popcorn.
They are "bugle mouthed carp". A LOT of them. BIG mouths. These guys can see above water (most fish can't) so if you hold your hand out they try to position their mouths directly below. Most of the mouths can easily swallow a golf ball, and a few of them could choke down an orange.
I took pictures, bought some fish food, took more pictures but I couldn't find anything to use as a size reference so you could see how big they are. No volunteers to climb over the fence and I couldn't find anything that wasn't bolted down. I think I will bring a basketball next time so they can fight over that and toss it around for a while.



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