Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mia's Dragonfly

Jenny said...
This afternoon, I called (Momma) Mia to catch up on her Thursday afternoon off. She had an important story to share with Beth and Warren. Yesterday at 3 pm, on the 30th, while Mia was at work, a dragonfly, a big blue one, about the size of her palm, flew into the Clinic, down the hallway and fluttered about the nurse's station. Mia held a paper bag open for the dragonfly, and he crawled in. She carried the bag out the door, and he flew away. A patient in the waiting room commented - Why, that nice nurse saved that dragonfly! - not quite understanding what had just happened. Mia was greatly moved by this experience, and was thankful that there were witnesses so she knew she wasn't hallucinating.I hung up with Mia around 3 pm and a call came in. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some leaves clinging to the brick outside the window. Since I am twenty-six floors up, I leaned forward for a closer look. I asked the client if I could call him back. I fumbled with my new camera phone, without any luck. Outside my window, hanging on to the brick of the building exterior, was a giant green dragonfly. He was so big, I thought his wings were plant leaves. The green of his body seemed to be tinged with yellow, and the wings, with blue. I stopped fumbling with the silly camera phone, so I could just be there, while he was there. I took about five deep breaths. He let go and rose up, out of view. Looking at my hand now, I'm sure he was the length of my entire hand. No tall tales here, but no witnesses either.
I called Beth.
A big hello, she said.
Hello, Derek. Hello.



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