Thursday, February 1, 2007


At this time there is a Google Map available with at least FOUR overlays.

Suggested destinations

This is where all of the suggestions that people are making will go. We are using these tidbits to plan our trip. We usually try to restrict our planning to five days maximum so that when a local makes a suggestion that is in the local area we have a flexible enough schedule to squeeze it in.

I have to add in some more suggestions that have recently been made by various locals, so it will be a constantly changing map. The Blue dots are suggested locations. I will probably change the color of these items when we have actually gone to them.

Where we have been so far...

This one is tricky. I don't want to clutter it up with EVERY detail, but I would like to show some of the places we have seen that are between point A and point B. I may just put in the towns that we have spent the night and you guys can assume that we have toured the town. I will also add a mark wherever we have turned off the obvious roads.

This layer has the most backfilling to do. (At this point it only has the last couple of days noted)


These are the invitations that we have received from people to come visit their homes. We are a big fan of invitations because, well, because of everything. The marks do not point to the people's homes, they point to the center of the town they live in. Also there are no last names. Remember, everything that goes through the internet is public.


This is the layer that will always be wrong. This is a rough plan of which direction we are planning to go. Occasionally there will be an event that we are aiming towards so everything before and after the event is up for change and the actual route is any body's guess.

Put them all together and you get the MAP of our Adventure.

Turn the four layers on and off at will.
The purple squiggly line may irritate you for some reason, so turn it off.
I suggest you RIGHT-CLICK on any of these links and choose "Open in New Window", so that you can come right back here with a minimum of effort.
If you already have a Google account you can add these layers of our adventure to YOUR Google Maps so you can turn them on and off at will. You will always see the most up to date map. Just choose the "Save to MY maps" option when viewing the map.
For more details about how to add YOUR suggestions of where to go look HERE.

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