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Rough Draft Posts:
I occasionally write a quick post that are meant as a "we are still here" flag for the folks that worry about us or that just are checking to see if this site has any new content. A "ping" if you know any geek terminology.

I will try to remember to put the words "Rough Draft" at the top of any of these off-the-cuff posts and then when or if I ever clean them up I will remove the "Rough Draft" tag.

These "rough Draft" posts may contain things that are rude, crude, wrong, or overly long.

Consider these posts the "candid shots". They aren't posed and they have absolutely no commercial potential, but they ARE a part of the historical record.

There are NO guarantees that the post will be ANY better after editing.


Warren and his mouth:

Anybody that has known me for any length of time knows that my mouth gets me into trouble.

_ I say stupid things.
_ All the time.

When we are with people, Beth stands next to me and handles "The Disclaimers": "That's meant as a compliment" "He's joking..." "you have to understand Warren, he means 'weasel' in the nicest possible way" "he's not serious, really, that's just the way he talks".

My touch of Asbergers coupled with a strong tendency to say what is on my mind, both of which were inherited from my dear Mother, can lead to some misunderstandings.

Add these tendencies to a mind that careens a little too fast down curvy roads when most people would rather be sightseeing...
I overshoot some curves and throw up a little gravel at times, but I am usually laughing the whole time.


The result: You end up with an explosive combination, either in person, or on paper.

In real life, the person in front of me has to either be in the mood for my mouth or they have to be a little flexible.

On paper, I attempt to write and then wait for my mood to change and then I edit until it is acceptable.

Online, I find that I am usually squeezing out a post at midnight and I am typing in less than optimal conditions with failing batteries, or I am in a hotel room trying to be as quiet and as quick as I can. This leads to posts that I have not read/reviewed/edited/approved.

There is also a time constraint here. My posts about grief would not edit well because a different mood would edit out the grief.

My new "Rough Draft" posts are just meant as an update the we are still here. (A Ping)

My cranky, soapbox, belligerent posts will usually not appear. I will just look at them, realized what they are, and will store them away. I eventually will put my rants in a secluded spot on
the internet where people who are looking for a maniac to reinforce their own beliefs can read my stuff and nod their heads in agreement. Hold your lighters high! Man.

On this blog I will try my best to avoid complaining, although after this long trip there are a few subjects that I will try to sneak in that wouldn't be any harsher than sitting down with me after I have a cup of coffee. Well, maybe TWO cups of coffee.

Politics and Rants will occasionally sneak in. I can't help it. I will not be doing it to rally people to my cause, I will not be doing it to tell you that you are wrong, even if you are. I will
be doing it because it is what is on my mind. I will be writing about the amazing things that we saw on our Adventure. There were some facts about history that you just don't pick up outside of their local areas. I don't seriously expect you or anybody else to do anything about these problems, but I do like to pass along knowledge in this world where NOTHING is black and white, but rather is various shades of gray. There are areas where I formed opinions on a subject and then I traveled to another area and was confronted with the results of what I thought was right. My opinion had to be modified.

Insulting people:
THIS is what I want to avoid. It happens sometimes (see the "Big Mouth" section above).

If I am insulting to anyone, LET me know. I do not want this. I always feel bad when I do this. I'm stupid sometimes. Stop me.


I will add more when I think of them....

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