Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monkey Faced EEL revisted.

Waaay back in July, I wrote a quick note about a fun day we had pole-poking for California Prickleback Monkey Faced Eels. We just LOVE saying that.

Here is our little post. Poke Poking for Fun and Profit

It was the finest fish dinner I have ever eaten. Wonderful.

This morning I was looking at some statistics about my website and one of the stats shows me what words people were searching for when they popped onto my site. It is usually "bethandwarren" because some people use Google search instead of their address bar.

But right there at the top of the heap is "Pole Poking Monkey Faced eel".

Cool. Now I am a sport fishing destination.

So I tried the same search to see what other options would appear.

Well this site (bethandwarren.com) didn't show up but I did find an instructional video:

Instructional Video: How to poke pole a monkey faced eel

If that link doesn't quite work right, try this one: http://www.videobomb.com/posts/show/6882

(By the way, OUR technique was much easier.)

And here is a little more: Article about the very same type of eel

And last but not least, if these cute little fellers really tug at your heart you should really check out MonkeyFaceNews.com

and in case you were wondering...
the other search phrases that people found my site with: "ant lions", "asheville restaurant reviews 2007", "wyoming land rush built around silos", "farmall super c tractor stories", "zen antlions gardens", "pedro's firework store", "bethandwarren", "pole poking", "beth warren witherell blog", "south of the border fireworks store", "route 95 to florida", "weiderhold antrim", "sperm milking machine", "i have decided to get a whiffle hair cut", "my private little museum". "goat farmers; west virginia", "dysan vacuumcleaner", "barrington bunny", "raven stash", "missile silo stainless steel", "http://www.bethandwarren/", "xxx adult shops in glenwood springs, colorado", "derekforreal.com", "contractions", "vw couch", "antlion kit buy",
"barrington bunny story", "pedros fireworks", "south of the border fireworks"

Do you see your search in there?


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