Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well things have been pretty busy at the ranch. I had been trying to learn as much as I could before the big day, which is today. Today Noel is driving Beeper down to Chappaqua New York so that Simon can get an early jump before riding season starts. Simon is a 13 year old that grew up in Paris and is now living in Chappaqua. He has great potential as a rider so David (in Paris) had hooked Simon up with Noel who owns the place where we are living. Noel is an internationally known dressage instructor so Simon stayed here last summer as his first American stop on his ride to stardom. Today was just a 12 hour stop to collect animals.

Beeper is being loaned to Simon because he has the opportunity to take lessons with one of the very bestest dressage instructors who also specializes in kids. Got it? Take a breath and I'll continue... Simon's younger brother Sam had to be brought up to UNH for a fencing competition and then the whole family headed over here to pick up Beeper and Chance (pronounced shawnce), a wonderful German Shepard that sings in french but can't say one word of english. Chance has been living here at the ranch since we arrived and doesn't seem to miss Paris one little bit.

There, that explains why Noel is gone. Now the problem with Noel being gone is that the ranch still has a lot of animals to take care of, and I have had to learn HOW to take of them.

I now am feeding the furry things and doing the things you have to do at a modern Hamster Ranch. So you see, I have been VERY busy. Which is a healthy change for me.
Since I have to stick close to home for the next few days I can fill you in on the other things that have been going on.


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