Sunday, October 7, 2007

Car Week, again.

We have been circling around Carlisle for as long as we could. We were scheduled to get here next Tuesday, but the East Coast is a little smaller than we remembered and we got here a week early. We are camping in a Marmoneer's backyard and are going to the Carlisle show in a few more minutes. It turns out that the "Carlisle Fall" show is for parts. There is NO car show. All of the leftover parts travel twenty miles up the road on Monday and Tuesday to Hershey for the hoards to peruse. They did have a two day auction here. We checked in when they were auctioning off number 220 of 242 cars. Beth and I really liked this wonderful 1954 Nash Metropolitan Convertible, and we were actually going to bid on it, but the price came within our grasp and then quickly shot up above our self-imposed limit.
There were a number of other cars which various people we know would have loved. I called my brother David about a beautiful 1962 Galaxy 500 hardtop that was very nice with a 4 barrel and 4 on the floor. I was going to bid up to a few thousand for him since I didn't have his permission. It went for $29,000.
Then right behind it was a 1958 Galaxy 500 hardtop with 14,000 original miles, one owner, all original, never restored, looked like new. That sold for 20-something too.

Today is parts. I only need a hubcap that isn't likely to be there. I am safe.
You folks are also spared the overload of photos that were likely to ensue. I have been having an ongoing argument with my cheapo-stubborn-crapola-computer for a week now, and it seems to be winning the argument about whether it wants to read photo memory cards or not.

Now I wasn't going to be uploading all of the photos right now, that would be when we are settled in for a while in one spot (starting in late October), but I use the computer to clean off my camera for the next day's adventure. I have had to throttle my picture habit back a little until I fix this $^&$@! computer.

So it is beautiful weather on this fine Sunday morning in Carlisle Pennsylvania.
George the homeowner will be back in a day or two, and we have been trying to organize with some other folks the details of who is going to be where for the Hershey show later this week.


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