Monday, October 15, 2007

4 am from Williamsburg


No, this is NOT an abandoned website. No, I haven't forgotten about it. No, I really DO care. I was going to call you, but I lost my phone, or my computer, or, or, I really really meant to call.

Well, anyhow, aren't you glad to hear from me?
I was real busy for the last week. Car stuff you know. Carlisle, Hershey, cars, walking, work, work, work. I have been working overtime. I would have written, but you know how this car stuff ties you up.
It's 4 am and Doug is going pouring another cup of coffee, talks, goes out to smoke a cigarette, comes in, pours coffee, talks, goes out to smoke...
It's great to see him again. Six months. It's always a trip to see his morning routine. Beth is still sleeping on the pullout couch in the living room / dining area / kitchen corner / computer cubicle of this maximum security tourist condo in Williamsburg. D&L are here because they traded one of their extra weeks that they couldn't use in Sanibel. Odd sort of banking system, but it seems to work, and we get to visit D&L right here in ol'vaginny so it's oooohkay wi' me.

We have been staying at George B's place for the last week. It was great. We slept in our tent in the yard until they turned the heat off and then we moved inside. Beth is stubborn like that. George offering a mattress, Beth not wanting to put him out. They spar back and forth until four nights later when it is really cold and pouring rain. Beth comes in to see why I am not coming to bed yet (Ed and I are telling stories) and she falls asleep on the couch. I seize the opportunity to sleep on the carpet, and the tent was abandoned for the last few nights.
We had nice weather up until Wednesday, the day Hershey started. It was hot walking around.
Hot enough so at 2pm there were at least three simultaneous wind funnels that lifted up large vendor tents and dumped them in the next aisle. Each one was just about in the middle of their respective fields. We saw one happen. It's very odd to see a 20 by 40 tent getting lifted up twenty feet and toppled over when there isn't any wind where you are and you are only thirty feet away. I guess it happens every year at Hershey and I suspect it is from such a large mass of asphalt being covered by so many tents that strange thermal events occur. Or it's the aliens.

Oh dear, just listen to me.... I've been going on and on... and how have you been?
.... oh, uh-huh, yes, that's very interesting... well I've got to eat some breakfast now, you'll have to tell me your wonderful stories a little later when we have more time. I'm sure it was a wonderful week at your little car place, yes I would love to hear all about it. Oh, you have pictures too? Yes, I'm sure they are lovely. Stories and pictures, I just can't wait.


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