Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Trees in Montana

So we had arranged to meet some friends at Chumlys, a bar in Montana, and we were all meeting each other and talking about accents and easterners and how "Montana is !$@*&! burnin' down so now those environmentalists will finally go back home" and how minors can buy guns and the friendly people and the lack of this and too much of that and how Montana is the fourth largest state but has less residents than Rhode Island does and how we are welcome to join their family and we all stick together and fly fishing and New Englanders and their !#$%^ sports teams that are too good or too bad or something and I have a cousin in Merrimac and on and on and just another great day in Montana.

Beth could see that I was getting hungry. I do get hungry sometimes.
We asked where we could eat. Well this place up over there serves really good food if Steve is cooking tonight. Is Steve cooking tonight? Yep Steve is there, you will have a GOOOOOD meal. We were handed a menu to peruse. The prices looked a little steep for our budget.

The wonderful woman talking to Beth said that she would agree that the food IS good but they charge WAY too much.

"They charge twenty four dollars for a couple Elk-Chops that you could just shoot yourself for FREE, I mean that is as bad as PAYING for a Christmas Tree!!!!!!"

After I finished laughing (or at least slowed down) the woman sitting next to me leans over and says "don't tell her that I paid for a Christmas Tree last year". Well she heard that comment and some discussions followed. More laughter.
And then we got to hear a great story about someone else who DIDN'T pay for a tree picking out a huge one down by the lake and when they got to her daughter's house was surprised that everyone wasn't ooohing and aaahhing over the terrific tree they had brought, so they looked in the back of the truck IT WASN'T THERE. They had to backtrack to find it and it was in an intersection blocking the traffic (because it was a REALLY big tree) and they loaded it back up, brought it to her daughter's house they cut four feet off so it could fit in the room with twelve foot ceilings and it was great.

Beth and I hugged everyone and came home and ate a sandwich. The short rain this afternoon had cleaned up a lot of the smoke so we could actually see the mountains on the way home.
Nice place Montana is.

chemo-sabe said...
I am having so much fun going on this trip with you!!! I keep forgetting I'm bald!!!!!!!!!
love chemosabe
August 9, 2007 8:06 AM


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