Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A quickie post while we have a signal.

1:15pmMST / 11:15amEST
We are driving near the Grand Tetons and we have some reception so I thought that I would type in some of the stuff that I have been writing, but now that we are parked for lunch I have changed my mind, twice.
A few minutes ago in the town of Morin, Wyoming we spotted a herd of horses. So after we took some pictures I decided to upload some horsey pictures for Maureen T.
Maureen likes horses and may feel a connection with horses in Morin Wyoming.

Then I changed my mind again.
Just as we were parking we got a call from my sister Leslie. In fact she is still on the phone with Beth.

Well the news back home is that our trusty dog Foxy died yesterday.
She was about fourteen and a half years old, which adds up to a LOT of wonderful bowls of food.

Derek got her when she was one year old. That means Derek was seven years old, I think.
I will probably write soon about some of the funny things that Foxy did.
She was a great dog. She was our last dog.
Thank you Leslie for taking such good care of her this summer.
She had some kind of heart defib problem since a few days before we sold our house, so this was not unexpected, and she was still happy and healthy until the end.

Anyhow, back to the horses for now. Here are a few pictures Maureen and when we get to Cody and have a signal I will upload a whole group of pictures just for you.

While those are uploading later this week I will be able to type some of the stuff I have been writing in my notebook.
I have been trying to avoid the rants. When i start sputtering about a subject I just wait and write later after something funny happens. My rants and raves will stay in unpublished form so that I don't alienate you guys. I have to do some research before I open my big mouth.

So we are going to Cody soon to see some rodeos and I am assuming that I will have a signal there.

Bye Foxy, have fun rootin around in that big dumpster in the sky.
I bet Derek is so glad to have his dog back.



chemo-sabe said...
Aw shucks, print your rants (unless they're political...too much of that crapola...and you probably would alienate someone). Other than that, I can't think of anybody's rants I'd rather read!!
I'm so sorry about your pup.
love you
August 17, 2007 2:14PM

Sherm said...
Awww damn. Little Foxmoor is no more.
No wonder Champ has been more cantankerous than usual. He’s pining for his little buddy (and whatever sympathy cheese he can weasel out of us).
Another splash on the ground for dear Foxy.
Hope yer rodeo went well. Go to the BBQ cook-off and eat plenty of hot brown stuff.
There’s someone out there (in Wyoming or an adjoining state) that has an old minuteman missile silo for a home that they have tours of occasionally. A real swords into plowshares kind o’ deal. Or swords into a really cool underground home.
I’ll look for the link but ask around, can’t be too many of them.
Fireworks were epic, so was the traffic. Wouldn't miss it for anything. Over 9000 shots.
Hugs all around. The little one adds kisses.
August 19,2007 10:01 AM


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