Thursday, August 23, 2007

Plan B

Well it's not actually plan B more like plan B-478 but we'll just shorten it to B for ease of reference. We are in Iowa "The land of Silos and Smokestacks", I'm not making that up, there was a sign boasting of that near the border. And Cops. Smokestacks, Cops, and Silos. We are driving through Iowa. We entered the rain and thought that it was a relief from the smoke.

Then we turned on the news.

I guess the middle of the country has been having a touch of weather while we weren't paying attention.

Plan B-478.
We were thinking of going up through Wisconsin above the lake and drop down through Michigan. Nope. New game plan.

Map of Plan B (B-478i)

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The rain ended a little while ago and it is bright and sunny and rush hour traffic is in full swing in Iowa City, Iowa (where else would it be? you ask? well check out your choices of Kansas City).
We are going to race through this stalled front that is washing away the residents a little North of us while keeping an eye to the South of us for tornadoes. It seems that Beffrie isn't too fond of them either. Well everybody has a different comfort zone. It means we are going to miss some good visiting time, but since it is the start of school season around here everyone is just a little too occupied for a visit from the hoboes this particular week. Maybe if we are fast enough we can make it to Cape Hatteras in time for the next big hurricane.
Anyhoo, Plan B, for now. No more Plan A (Plan A-125.3 subpart J).

This area of the country has given me a LOT to write about. As soon as the car stops I will.
(We are listening to Magic Carpet Ride right now, this has been one of those days where EVERY song seems to mean something. We should put in our earplugs before turning on the radio or something. Oooooooh babe, I'm looooosing you, I can feel it in my bones, could it be? I am losing you.... (time to post before my signal disappears)


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