Friday, February 15, 2008

Remove the fuel, remove the fame.

Another gunman goes out with fame.
The schools have learned how to do lock-downs.
The police and medical personnel have procedures in place to handle the situation.
The news groups have learned how to mobilize.
The crazy guy still takes out multiple kids in a last ditch grab for fame.

You have a long-term depressed guy or the recently snapped crazy man feeling that if nobody sees me NOW, then they will KNOW MY NAME SOON.

We all know that people need attention. If they can't get good attention, then bad attention will do. We try to avoid dealing in a responsive way to kidnapping, hostage taking, and terrorism, so PLEASE let us issue a gag order on the name of the shooter.
The locals will still know who he is, but the fame will be deflated.

NO NAMES. We can still have all of the information about the events leading up to the event without giving the gunman what he was looking for.

32 people this month
4th event in a week

We can analyze why later, but we have to stop this now.
Remove the fuel, remove the fame.

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