Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The power of film.

Beth and I NEVER get to go to the movies. When we lived in New York we used to go to the Parkway Theater quite often. Two movies for $1. Good deal if you got there early enough to get one of the 5 seats that were still kind of comfortable.
Antrim New Hampster was not the place for movie buffs. It is a long drive home when you are done. The Cinema 1-2-many Complexes have small screens, lousy sound with an equalizer adjusted by a high school kid, and such thin walls that you are keenely aware of the explosions happening in the movie next door that you should have seen.

While we have been living the hobo life, we haven't seen any movies, but more importantly, we haven't seen any advertisements for movies. We see a listing of 27 movies on the sign at The Cinema 1-2-many Complexes as we drive by, and it looks like coded messages for the enemy.
We have no idea what anything is.

Cris G. likes to go to movies. She goes with her friend Jeannie every Friday. Jeannie went to TWO movies on Thanksgiving with her daughter and was telling us about them during our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat. One was a story about Disney movies that come to life. It has a lot of talking animals. Jeannie says that Cris loves movies with talking animals.
She also saw August Rush. A story about a kid and music. It has an ending that just stopped. She wasn't fond of the ending. The Disney story has talking animals. I asked Jeannie if we were only going to see ONE movie, which one would you recommend? "Well August Rush is a great movie, but Cris really likes talking animals." Later Jeannie suggested to Cris when we weren't in the room that August Rush might be too hard for us to see becuase of our background with Derek and all, but I didn't hear that suggestion and Beth doesn't enjoy animation (even though I happen to LOVE it, go figure), so I made the decision to see August Rush. Music, no animation, what could go wrong?

August Rush was fantastic. The music was awesome. The story was good without being excessively sappy. The ending was perfect. I was having some trouble with seeing the screen because my eyes were very watery from some pollen that was in the theater, but it was dark, so no one noticed. My nose was running badly, I needed a box of tissues, but that was the pollen too, I assume. I thought that it was SUCH a powerful movie. I loved it. You should see it at a theater before it goes away OR see it at someone's house that has a good screen and sound system when it comes out on DVD in another 27 days or so. Do NOT see it with someone who likes to talk during movies.
I can't prove it, but I think that it was a great movie even for people who are NOT parents without a child. Wow.


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