Sunday, December 16, 2007

Heading Nawth

This is fairly typical. Wonderful weather all week long. Flat seas. Dolphins swimming by, a manta ray leaping in a graceful arc, and then yesterday afternoon the wind picked up.
The waves perk up. Actually they stand up and come crashing down. Huge strings of waves with three second intervals. Very impressive, and warm. This morning before the sun came up Doug and I were wandering around on the beach until the rain started. We were able to watch a palm tree out by the street create all kinds of sparks by trying to become one with the power lines.
So we are packing (well Beth is packing while I am typing) and will be leaving town in bad weather again. We will be leaving the warm Florida weather and heading towards the cold cold cold Northeast. It's time for hugs, we'll just have to do it with big bulky winter coats on. Our lack of planning and innate sense of timing will assure that we will arrive up North when the mercury is embarrassed by the amount of shrinkage it has endured.
Load up, move out. Dump D&L at the airport in Florida and because of the storm we can probably pick them up at the airport in Manchester New Hampster as we drive through.


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