Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome to Florida!

We are in Cedar Key Florida right now. I am parked downtown with the engine running because the air conditioner helps my typing accuracy. I am downtown because there is no Verizon signal around here and so I am off-line unless I park near a motel that has wireless.
Beth is sooooo happy to have a kitchen and a place to neaten up. D&L's little round house only has ONE set of curtains. I saw Beth take down, straighten and replace that one set of curtains at least three times. She is nesting. We are planning to be here for six weeks or so.
I am now going to do the research to see what options are availble for internet connections.

"Why I remember way back before that Tim Berners-Lee feller went an created this dang World Wide Web a few years ago when we were happy with havin' a computer. That's right! We were happy with our 2.66Mhz processors and acoustic modems. Why we thought we were tough stuff to use the Internet as a cheaper way to sneak into bulletin boards without a long distance charge. We're spoilt now. Aren't happy without an Internet connection. Spoilt!"


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