Friday, July 13, 2007

Dunes in Oregon

Testing the testosterone. fun fun fun

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Now the dunes in oregon are HUGE. We thought the dunes at the great lakes were pretty great but these things are really HUGE. I mean it. HUGE.

Here is a satellite view.

On the east coast the dunes are usually fenced off, they are fragile, bird nests, and all that other stuff. Out here the dunes are huge and you can do anything you want to them because they repair themselves every day. The wind just blows in more sand. This whole area is very ATV oriented. I pulled over for the siren of a rescue vehicle and a truck pulling a trailer with six rescue ATV's. This is not a sight I would usually see in Antrim.

They have rental places everywhere. They send you on your way and call the ambulance when necessary. Beth was a wee bit nervous about going out there.

I chose a place that seemed to be the safest. We watched a little safety movie, had an explanation of which dunes were safe today, strapped in and went out.

It was awesome. You could drive down this long sand road to the beach a few miles away. Zoom down the beach and back, scream around and then drive back and drive up and over dunes that are taller than you can imagine. The dune next to you is probably over a quarter of a mile away. Up down up down this way that way drive back to the beach etc etc.

I was thrilled. Beth put up with it.


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