Sunday, July 15, 2007

Backfilling from Portland Oregon

Hello gang,
We are back within the range of radio waves again. So it is time for a little backfilling.
Just in case you gave up and haven't checked in for a while, I am going to list the items that I have added since you checked last.
Click on each item, and when you are done click on the BACK button in your browser
My policy is to date my posts using the date that the photos were actually taken, not when I am writing about the experience (backfilling). The list below is of the posts that I am making while I am sitting in this hotel in Portland Oregon. Ration them out, don't look at them all at once or you won't have anything to read when I can't get online again.
If your browser is configured correctly each of these links will change color once you see them, so you won't have to keep going back to see the same pages again and again, over and over, seemingly redundant again (and again). If I edit the page (like I do when I actually read them and see all the spelling errorrs) I will put an edit date on the list.
There, all these words and I haven't even had any coffee today. I HAVE been away for a while.
the list begins......... NOW!

(Only the underlined words go anywhere, the other stuff is while we are trying to remember the order of things)

2007-07-10, Rusty's Inn?
2007-07-10, Tuesday: FERN VALLEY, I think this is Wednesday morning after Rusty

2007-07-11, Wednesday, Head north again
2007-07-11, Wednesday Night, Florence

2007-07-12, Thursday Morning: Puppies!
2007-07-12, Thursday Mid-Day: Dune Buggy (testing the testosterone) edited 2007-07-17
2007-07-12, Thursday Mid-Day: Explanation of the obsession...
2007-07-12, Thursday Night (stayed at nice inn)

2007-07-13, Friday Afternoon, Heading East, The trees.
2007-07-13, Friday Afternoon: The ghost town
2007-07-13, Friday Afternoon: A cute little place in our price range.
2007-07-13, Friday Afternoon: The Sneaker Tree
2007-07-13, Friday Night, White Salmon Washington

2007-07-14, Saturday, The Columbia River and Mount Hood
2007-07-14, Saturday Nite, Clackamackamaka

2007-07-15, Sunday, Portland Downtown stuff

2007-07-14, Unrelated: The best warning sign ever.


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