Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Mighty Mother-Lode Marmon Muster

We are here. Marmoneers are arriving and the laughs have started.
Sonora is a very nice place. Hot and dry, but nice.
We stayed at a little place called the Gunn House for one night and now have moved to the big hotel where we will stay for FOUR whole days. We are unloading the junkmobile and putting everything into the hotel room for sorting and organizing. I am going to go see if I can help the hosts of this Muster with any last things.
This will be fun.

Bev (and Bob too!!!) :-) said...
Guys!I can't even BEGIN to tell you what a gift you guys are!! -- Ohbefore I say anything else, Bob wants to make sure that you copyright your blog, in my humble opinion, you have some major best-seller stuff happenin here!I feel as if I'm there along for the trip with you, and I'm feelinga kind of strange mixture of joy, sadness, (jealous cuz I wish I wasthere with you), wide-eyed wonder, and just plain missing you.What really stands out for me right "fragile" I can't get the image of Warren "being a dad" with Jimmi Hendrix's dad out of my head.And it's been on my mind about the curious way that "fragile" seemsto morph into a sort of gentle strength the moment you embrace that fragility. It seems like a strange paradox, but it really isn't. It's what you two are doing, it's what you are! You probably have no idea what a PRIVILEGE it is for us to be allowed into that dark sadplace to grieve and hurt with you, and in the next breath to reachout for love and laughter and adventure and Marmons and tractors and lions and tigers and elephant seals oooh my!!!!!!!!!!!
My love and prayers are following you on your Adventure!!!! MUCH LOVE AND HUGS
June 24, 2007 5:30 PM


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