Sunday, April 29, 2007

The neighborhood party.

Our pal Pam loves parties. She organized a party for our local friends just because Pam loves parties. She's really good at it. There were quite a few people there. There were the usual people that we see at Pam's parties, and there were also a number of people there that just are NOT party people,
. they don't go to parties,
. they try to avoid them,
. they aren't unsociable,
. they just aren't party people.

Well last night some of these friends came out as a show of support. I am SO proud of them.
They brought food, they chatted, they mingled. It was a LOT of fun. I was supposed to take pictures but I completely forgot.
Janis told John that he was not allowed to sit down at this party (so he wouldn't fall asleep), he didn't sit and he was chatting until very late. Mary showed us her famous glass juggling routine. We saw pictures of large trout that were caught that day. The food was great! Mike cooked a year's worth of meat. The company was great! Everyone put their info into an address book for us. We were given two CD's of music that are filled with songs related to the different states that we are going to see (we will have to listen to find out where we are supposed to go).
We got some food gifts for the road...
and MANY people gave generous donations to Derek's Scholarship Fund.
We are truly blessed. It was such an honor.

Thank you Pam, Mike, Linda, Rob, and the others that made this happen. Thank You.
Thank you for including the non-party people too. It meant a lot to us. They will probably need a few weeks of solitude to recover, but they did it.


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