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2003 MINI Cooper S, $17k, FUN FUN FUN - $17000 (Antrim, NH)

We have two items left, time to pull out the secret weapon: Craigslist

2003 MINI Cooper S, $17k, FUN FUN FUN

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Date: 2007-04-12, 8:02PM

OK, I really hate to do it, but I have to sell this terrific car.
2003 MINI Cooper S. 65k miles. Great condition. NEVER abused.
"Chili Red" body, white wheels, white roof, white mirrors.
Here is the OPTIONAL equipment that this great car has.
"Black Panther" Leather seats
Heated front seats, heated washer jets, heated mirrors.
Multifunction steering wheel w/cruise and audio controls
Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof (very open and airy feeling inside this car)
Automatic Air Conditioning (set the temp you want and it handles it from there)
On-Board computer (miles to go with gas, average speed, average MPG, outside temp, etc)
Dynamic Stability Control [DSC] (spectacular grip and safety around the tightest corners)
Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers (will give one swipe after that truck goes by)
Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror (It just works)
Park Distance Control (tells you how many inches your rear bumper is from that car you are squeezing in front of)
Front Fog Lamps
Harman-Kardon Sound System (Lots of speakers, great sound, the soundstage adjusts itself based on how many people are in the car)
Ipod adapter that allows you to control the ipod with the steering wheel controls.
Roof racks that pop on and off easily.
That the OPTIONAL equipment. The STANDARD equipment is pretty spectacular.
The list from the window sticker available on request.

It is impossible to drive this car without grinning.
Back when I ordered my new car in 2002 there was a ten month wait for delivery.
Worth every minute. I love this car more every day. It is MUCH more fun to drive than a Porsche Boxster. 39mpg when I drive like an adult, and 29mpg when I drive like a 16 year old. If gas prices are high you can get 44mpg without much effort. Six speed Getrag transmission. Great seats. Huge sunroof. Very reliable. Great fun. Everything is SO well thought out. It is designed by BMW and is made with BMW parts. It is a BMW without the snobbishness.

We will be living in a minivan for the next year or two. When we settle down somewhere I will immediately buy another MINI.

I am selling this for $17,000. It includes the wide summertime run-flat tires with the white wheels, and a set of snow tires and rims. (By the way, with the snows on, you can NOT slip during winter driving. It's awesome.) Roof racks. Carpets AND rubber mats for winter.
Great car at a VERY fair price. Buy it now, because we are heading out on our adventure soon and I have a plan-B offer from a sports-car dealer who will detail it and sell it for 4-5k more.
You will thank yourself every day for doing this for yourself.
$17,000: drive it, smile, buy it, drive it, smile, drive it, smile....

Email me for information.

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