Sunday, March 11, 2007

2nd Gear, feel the acceleration...

OK it is Saturday, Beth is painting somewhere in the house, I am taking the tank off the toilet so that I can finish spackling the walls in the downstairs bathroom so we will be able to paint in there when we get ANOTHER phone call. It's Sharon our Realtor. "Could she squeeze in another showing BEFORE the 4:00 showing this afternoon?" I look around at the disaster and think "what can we lose? At least we can get some useful feedback from these pre-customers so we will know what to fix before it officially goes on the market". They would come at 3:30.

By 2:30 I had packed all of my paper piles from around the computer and stashed everything in the shed.
Beth bought some flowers and washed the kitchen floor that is going to be refinished next Wednesday, I washed the fancy-dandy shower upstairs.

Sharon arrived with more flowers and coffee. We grabbed the dog and left.


We got a call from Sharon at 4:10 that everyone had left. We went home and she explained that the first showing went well and they were just leaving when the second showing arrived. The second realtor was still chatting with Sharon when the customer popped back in the kitchen and said "let's go, we have to write up an offer" and they left.


While we were waiting for the offer (from the second showing) to come in, the realtor for the first showing called and said that she was going to send in an offer and wanted to know the fax number.

We had two offers before 5:00. Both of them offered more than our asking price.


Now it was time for the regrets to settle in. We OBVIOUSLY had priced it too low.
That is what you are supposed to think when anything sells fast.
We went across the street to Janis & John's to get some advice.
We will have to sleep on it.



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